Community Prizes and Awards

Advocacy Governance Committee

The purpose of the INFORMS Advocacy Governance Committee (AGC) is to provide strategic guidance, oversight, and counsel for the INFORMS advocacy efforts. These efforts aim to increase the awareness and interest in O.R. and Analytics, to enhance the visibility and reputation of INFORMS among policymakers, and to grow membership engagement with advocacy activities with the ultimate goal of furthering the broader impact of INFORMS. 

Analytics Society

The Analytics Society of INFORMS sponsors three awards to recognize innovative applications in analytics, to bring attention to critical problems pertaining to the challenge of feeding the earth's growing population and to support women pursuing graduate degrees in operations research or analytics.

Aviation Applications

Encourages the development and dissemination of applications and research in areas relating to aviation, including but not limited to airline planning and operations, air traffic control, airport planning, aviation financial, economic and policy analysis, aviation forecasting,and aviation human factors.

Energy, Natural Resources, and the Environment Section

Every year, ENRE awards a number of prizes to recognise outstanding academic contributions in the field of Operations Research & Management Science with applications in energy, natural resources and the environment.