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Are you looking to study Analytics? Data Science? Operations Research? Artificial Intelligence? 

Choosing the right program of study is essential to your career, and it starts here!

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The demand for analytical talent has never been higher, so finding a program that suits the career you would like to pursue is key. Whether you want to study operations research, analytics, management science, economics, behavioral science, statistics, artificial intelligence, data science, financial engineering, or other relevant fields the INFORMS Academic Program Database is your one-stop shop for information about  bachelors, masters, doctoral and graduate certificate programs. Employers in the fields of finance, biotechnology, healthcare, aerospace, insurance, and energy hire thousands of graduates every year. Trust INFORMS, the leading international association for professionals in operations research and analytics, to provide you with unbiased data to help you make an informed choice.

The data you see here is maintained by the universities themselves, with no advertisements or sponsored programs to distract your search. This tool allows you to search by dozens of different criteria so that you can narrow down your search quickly to find the program that is right for you.