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Spring/Summer 2024 Issue:

The online student membership magazine for INFORMS. The bi-annual publication provides a look at operations research and management science from the perspective of young people in those fields. Edited by a team of students and junior faculty, the magazine is written for students and aims to introduce topics relevant to them, highlight their accomplishments, and promote awareness of current events and issues in OR and MS.

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According to a report by Bloomberg (McKerracher, 2024), global passenger electric vehicles (EVs) sales, encompassing both battery- electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, are projected to surge by 21% in 2024, reaching a total of 16.7 million units (see Figure 1). Notably, 70% of these sales are anticipated to be full EVs, reflecting a substantial shift toward electric transportation options. This momentum is fueled by substantial government efforts worldwide. These efforts include providing subsidies at various stages and to various stake- holders, ranging from consumers to manufacturers, and charging service providers. These subsidies play a crucial role in increasing the adoption of EVs and facilitating the development of charging infrastructure, which is essential to build a robust EV ecosystem.

“The possibility that there are several adequate starting points escape you, and you feel anxious that the one you’ve chosen leads to devastatingly wrong conclusion. You’ve got yourself stuck by thinking in a right-wrong dichotomy-either you do it right the first time or you’re wrong.” – Neil Fiore, Chapter 5: OVERCOMING BLOCKS TO ACTION, The Now Habit

For over 30 years, the Arizona Summer Engineering Academy (SEA) at the University of Arizona (UA) has offered summer outreach programs for rising 9th through 12th graders who want to learn more about engineering and get a taste of life as a Wildcat. The primary goals of the SEA are to allow students to work with professors, graduate students, and undergraduate students on designing projects and hands-on activities, connecting with peers who share similar interests and passions, learning about engineering majors, research, and careers, and gaining insight into how engineers view the world.

It is that time of the year. . . the OR/MS Tomorrow mini poster competition is back! Submit your poster now! The competition seeks to nurture student researchers in developing the skills to summarize and articulate their re- search ideas effectively and efficiently. Thanks to the generous support from the Seth Bonder Foundation, OR/MS Tomorrow is running the 2024 mini poster competition for a fifth year!

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